About Tian Yi International Hotel

Tianyi Hotel Group founded on September 8, 2007, is a comprehensive hotel management group integrating hotel management, franchise management, education and training, and property management.

The Group focuses on the investment, operation and management of mid- to high-end hotels and segmentation of the hotel market to meet a variety of customer needs; its hotels currently have six major brands: “Te International Hotels Tianyi International Hotel” and “Carol Plexus Resort Hotels, “Brill AI Hotels, Tianyi, Bo Ruizhi Hotel”, “U.Lucky Hotels, Tianyi, Ruyi Hotel”, “Courier Inn Hotels, Tianyi· Love Theme Hotel” and “0898 Inn Tianyi·0898 Inn”. Up to now, there are more than 9 hotel brands in the camp and in Jianmen store, distributed in Haikou, Sanya, Baoting, Qionghai, Zhangzhou and other places; the total number of hotel rooms is more than 1,800, and the total number of members has exceeded 300. In the mid-to-high-end and budget hotel market, it can represent Hainan’s outstanding level. In 2018, it was selected as Hainan Hotel Management Influence Brand, 2018 International Hotel Industry Top Ten Room Income Hotel, and 2018 International Hotel Industry Quality Hotel.

Since its establishment, Tianyi Hotel Group has quickly established high-quality competitiveness with its keen market insight, perfect human resource system, strong management execution and strong financial advantages.

Founder Profile
Chairman of Tianyi Group / President of Tianyi Hotel Group

Graduated from Shanghai Tourism College in 1999, In the same year, he adhered to the mentality of “the newborn burdock is not afraid of the tiger”, With full of passion Seated on the journey of Hainan Island alone It has accumulated experience over the past 7 years. Established the first hotel of the Tianyi Hotel Group in 2007 (0898 brand hotel) , For the company to grow and develop Vigorously build a corporate management team , Focus on the culture of corporate culture, Enthusiastic social welfare, with a forward-looking vision and accurate market forecasting ability, in a short period of ten years, Tianyi has been developed from the original hotel management enterprise to hotel management, franchise management, education and training, and property management. An integrated hotel group company.

Personal honor

Vice President of Hainan Provincial Small and Medium Enterprises Association

Executive Chairman of Jiangxi Jiujiang Chamber of Commerce

Visiting Professor of Hainan University

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